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Vintage Moob Suab Puam × Xov Moos Tsho #2

Vintage Moob Suab Puam × Xov Moos Tsho #2

Paj ntaub or laug is 100% handmade — even handstitched onto the hemp shirt. The yellow on the laug is rare and makes this a very special and notable shirt. Hemp outershirt is dyed in indigo and will stain your skin blue with repeated touching. Polished to a medium sheen with ciab muv. Iining is also dyed in indigo, but less times, giving it a lighter blue hue—fabrics must be dyed hundreds of times to give it the distinct black-blue color, such as with the outer jacket. Exceptionally fine paj ntaubmos mos heev li. Will comfortably fit chest sizes 32in. to 40 in, depending on the fit you like.


Textile is vintage. Hemp outerjacket and cotton liner is new. Lining has a few machine stiches, else the jacket in its entirety is handmade.


As with all antiques we sell, the pictures show the actual item you will receive.

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