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Outskirts, Ha Giang City, Vietnam, 2019

Sailing 3D photo

Nathan Dane, namesake of Dane County,

Oil on Canvas, 24 x 36 inches, 2013,

Housed & Display in Dane County City–County Building, Madison, Wisconsin

Commissioned by Harvard Alumni Club

of Wisconsin & the City of Madison

Self Portrait, sailing Lightning Design

Sailboat, The Center for Wooden Boats, Seattle, Washington, 2016


Let's Dance, Doodle for Google, Wisconsin State Finalist, 2011


Ta Giang Phin Mountain Range, North Vietnam, 2018.


A page spread from my children's book, Georgia's Telescope


The "El Toro" is a sailing dinghy design tracing back to the Richmond Yacht Club in San Francisco around 1940. This specific boat came into my care at The Center for Wooden Boat (CWB) in 2016 with a touching story: it was a project boat started in the 80's by a local father and son, but unfortunately the son too soon passed away from cancer—the boat was left unfinished for three decades. I finished the construction of this boat and it is currently used to teach youth sailing programs at CWB. Because the story touched me so much, I chose to paint it as an with the coloration of an orca—different from the other solid-colored boat of CWB's El Toro fleet.


Official Chosen Poster of the 2016 Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival

...more under construction...

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