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Tiger Maple Medium HMong Bow | Nta Ntoo

Tiger Maple Medium HMong Bow | Nta Ntoo

Unique Item—the crossbow you see in the photos is the actual one you will get.


Pull weight: 43 pounds at 6.5 inches

Bow: red oak bow, finished with 3 coats of linseed oil with 3 days of drying time between each layer

Stock: extra fancy tiger maple (curly maple), finished with 5 coats of thinned high gloss polyurethane for an extra smooth and even finish

Includes seven (7) bamboo arrows

Includes bamboo quiver with red oak bottom endcap

Bowstring made from 100% hemp fibers


Extremely well-fitted bow—this crossbow does NOT require any wedges as typically needed!


Made from an extra fancy piece of tiger maple wood—also called curly maple. Simply beautiful stock! Heat treated with iron nitrate to bring out the stripes that give curly maple its signature "tiger" look. Just in time for the year of the tiger, and while not quite large enough to kill a tiger, this crossbow will reliably kill anything up to the size of a chipmunk, or medium-sized bird such as a mourning dove. Lub Taub (stock) measures 22 inches long and 0.40 inches thick. The nta hneev (bow) measures 26 inches long, 0.50 inches thickness in the center, and distally tapers out to 0.375 inches. 


With the included light bamboo arrows, it can effectively kill chipmunks with an ethically placed shot. With a heavier arrow, made from aluminum, or tipped with a steel broadhead, this bow would be capable of killing squirrels.

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