These raj are great for a movie/photograhpy prop, a teaching aid for your classroom (especially those full of young children), or for any other need that would put a genuine working instrument in jeopardy, this is what I recommend! I CANNOT and DO NOT guarantee the sounds of these raj—the majority of them will make some sound, but NOT likely to play all notes, and the notes that are made may be out of tune and/or very faint. 


Every once in a while, I receive instruments that are not high enough quality to sell at a normal price point. I sell these products at an enormous loss because they are those damaged during shipping, made by artisans who I worked with for the first (and last) time whose work I end up finding unsatisfactory, or simply old enough that the product has broke and/or become non-functioning—for example, a cracked bamboo body on flutes, a non-airtight reed, etc. Some of these are fixable, some of them are not...or could be, but may not be worth the effort.

Raj Nrov Tsis Zoo | Non-Functional Flutes

  • Please note again that these products may not be in working nor new condition and/or damaged. I sell these products at a loss and due to their "as is" nature, I cannot offer any return nor refunds on this product category. Thank you for your understand.

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