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Qeej Hmoob Nyab Laj, Hà Giang (5dos)

Qeej Hmoob Nyab Laj, Hà Giang (5dos)

Qeej prices normally fall between $500 and $2,000 depending on size, maker, and region, as crafting a qeej is extremely labor intesive and takes years of experience to do well. Take $100 off this price (the cost of shipping) if you pick up this qeej in person in Wiconsin–email me to set up a time–this is recommended, so that you can try it out.


These are NOT stock photos—this is the ACTUAL qeej that you will receive. This qeej is brand new, made in 2021 by artisan Nplia Muas from Hà Giang, Vietnam; it still has its bamboo and wood smells:

  • Reeds are an alloy of silver and various copper alloys—namely brass and bronze, similar to "white-brass" 
  • Bamboo and wood is fitted very well, so the qeej does not leak air once broken in
  • Beautifully waxed wood with dark vine bark banding (thi) and very uniform colored bamboo, with minimal markings/discoloration


Meausuring from the taub, as Hmoob in Xieng Khouang province and westward do, this qeej is "4 dos txhais ntev." Measuring the entire qeej, as Hmoob artisans in Hà Giang, the rest of Vietnam, and eastern Laos do, this qeej is "6 dos ntev."


This is the traditional style of the Hmoob Dawb in Hà Giang, Vietnam and thus have:

  • Straight ntiv–"normal" for qeej from Central and Eastern Vietnam–unlike the curved qeej ntiv from Laos and western Vietnam
  • No thiv on the ends of each ntiv
  • Ntiv not perpendicular to the taub, but rather angled downward
  • Has only two nplaim on the ntiv luav, as opposed to three nplaim—seven nplaim total, as opposed to eight.


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