DOES NOT INCLUDE RAJ unless purchased separately. This must be purchased with a raj nplaim order, as each one is custom-fit and handwoven by me. As shown in the product photos, this bamboo sleeve replaces the default paper protectors typically used by artisans nowadays. Traditionally, these these povhwm nplaim were made from kav theej—various types of natural vine, palm, or tree skins. With the convenience of glue and paper, most artisans nowadays make reed protectors from simply that: paper and glue. Paper is more convenient, and honestly, smoother to slide off and on the reed. Pluaj xyoob/kav theej are more rugged, traditional, and aesthetic.


Note: please take care when sliding any protector on/off the reed, as anything catching on the reed could cause damage.

Povhwm Nplaim Pluaj Xyoob | Bamboo Weave Reed Protector

SKU: 11117
  • Dependent on materials available, each weave is made from either pluaj xyoob (bamboo stripping) or kav theej (various reed stripping). Each strip is handwoven in traditional style by me 8–10 times around itself to create a sleeve approximately 2.5 inches (6.5 cm) long. 

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