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Old Kub Tshuaj | Antique Powderhorn

Old Kub Tshuaj | Antique Powderhorn

This is quite an interesting powderhorn. As seen in the pictures, the horn is wrapped with leather on towards the base. I am not 100% sure the reason behind this, but it could be for any of the following reasons:


  1. There is damage to the horn and the leather is needed to hold it/repair it.
  2. The walls of the horn are thin and need the leather for reinforcement.
  3. The leather was added to prevent excess wear on the horn.
  4. The previous owner simply liked this leather layer.


This leather is seamless, so it likely came from the limb of a kauv (muntjac), as this was a common leather that was easy to work with and thus used by Hmong people to make hunting related leatherware—such as to make the cap of lub pluaj taub ntim suab. The horn itself is in overall acceptable condition. I am actually unsure if this horn is nyuj qus; it is likely this could be nyuj nyeg, based on the shape and grain of the horn. Because this horn cannot be renewed without removing the leather, the color cannot be used to determine its origin either.


Provenance: Mouang Kham district, Xieng Khouang province, Laos


Does not include display stand—can be purchased separately.


As with all antiques I sell, the pictures you see will be the actual item you receive; there is only one available.

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