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Ncas nrog Npib | Mouth Harp With Ornament

Ncas nrog Npib | Mouth Harp With Ornament

Authentic and traditional HMong mouth harps from Xieng Khouang, Laos. These include the mouth harp, bamboo case, and  string attatched to a traditional HMoob Paj Ntaub at the end. They are undyed, but are engraved as is traditional–you can add a color of your choice if desired to the bamboo casing. Ncas produce long and drawn-out notes with each finger pluck, allowing musicians to speak the HMong musical languages of Northern Laos.


Cov ncas no yog Hmoob cov ncas tseem tseem. Cov no yog ua ped Xeev Khuam, teb chaws Nplog tuaj. Muaj rab ncas, lub raj ncas, thiab txoj hlua thiab ib lub paj ntaub ua npib rau rab ncas.

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