DOES NOT INCULDE NCAS unless ordered separately. This item, when purchased with a ncas, will be custom handtied by me.  The string ties and secures the ncas into it's case, and the beads act as a stopper that prevents separation of the two. Artisans normally just seal the ncas into its case with a simple piece of folded paper—no string attachment. This string and bell combination is a simple and minimalistic addition to your ncas that replaces the paper cap.


The string color matches the natural red dye of the mouth harp case, and is tied to two bells at its opposite end. Traditionally, this opposite end of the ncas string was decorated with beads, bells, or even small paj ntaub trinkets. The Hmong also have region-specific ways of tying and packing the ncas when not in use, and these will come pretied/prepacked in the traditional style of the Hmong in Sapa, Vietnam.

Hlua & Npib khi Ncas | String & Bead for Mouth Harp

  • Strings are 100% cotton, bells are brass—matching the ncas material.