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Moob Suab Puam Kooj Ntseg Pluav

Moob Suab Puam Kooj Ntseg Pluav

Increasingly harder to find, this style of Mong earringss are quickly dissappearing, as the younger generations rarely have the piercings necessary to wear them. This pair is exceptionally old, dating from the 19th century—you can see from the right earring that the wear is very obvious: pictures 1 and 3. Because silver is a soft metal, it wears down over time with the more someone wears the jewelry. This piece was obviously very cherished, as it was worn every day until I purchased it!


Made by a talented craftman by the name of Kim Yaaj during his younger years. Kim Yaaj passed away in the 50's. Lao Chai Village, Sapa District, Vietnam. 

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