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Looj Ceeb Nplhaib Kooj Nplias

Looj Ceeb Nplhaib Kooj Nplias

Crafted in Long Tieng, as evident from the pob caus and distincly deepset and bold engravings. "Only" about 60 years old, as this was crafted around 1965 during the height of the Long Tieng Hmong CIA airforce base during the Vietnam War. Because it is not 100 years or more old, it is not yet a "proper" antique, by definition of the word, but is is an exceptionally rare piece with a great history and a special story. 5.36 grams silver.


All nplhaib kooj nplias are adjustable in size and will fit most. Wood stand in pictures not included—can be purchased separately.


This is my personal ring that I am selling, and as with all my antiques, the pictures you see will the actual item you will receive—there is only one available.

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