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Large Antique Hmong Powderhorn | Kub Tshuaj

Large Antique Hmong Powderhorn | Kub Tshuaj

Extremely large powderhorn with a sleek figure and gorgeous curve. Kub nyuj qus xwb, thiaj zoo li no—daj dhuv thiab dub nciab xwb. One of the most beautiful Hmong powderhorns I have ever seen. In excellent condition and has been slightly renewed by me in the following ways:


  1. Phiam tshuaj in the cap is new, as well as the pivots connecting it—made from bamboo. These parts were missing when I acquired this horn.
  2. The horn has been scraped and refinished to #000 steel wool.
  3. Layers of oil and wax added for longevity.


Everything on this horn is still original, except for the phiam tshuaj. The bands, phiam, and horn itself are original circa 1950. Bands are made from copper with one iron ring. Wood seals the base of the horn. 

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