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Kub Tshuaj Phom

Kub Tshuaj Phom

Kub Nyuj Qus, Circa 1920. Original forged iron bands and rings fit this horn exceptionally well and it is clear the maker was a very experienced ironworking as well. Phiam in the tip of the horn is in perfect condition, which is very rare. The rear plug of the horn is also made from bare wood, which is unique, as most Hmoob powderhorns rear ends were finished with ciab mes, which allowed hunters to have readily available access to the ciab mes to attach flints. The horn has developed a mature even patina with a wax-like finish to the touch.


Provenance: Xam Tai district, Sam Neau province, Laos


Does not include display stand—can be purchased separately.


As with all antiques I sell, the pictures you see will be the actual item you receive; there is only one available.

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