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Kub Tshuaj Me Me | Small Powderhorn

Kub Tshuaj Me Me | Small Powderhorn

Everything on this horn is original and has not been repaired in anyway to keep it on the more affordable side. I am actually unsure if this horn is nyuj qus; it is likely this could be nyuj nyeg, based on the shape and grain of the horn. This horn is in very structurally sound shape and functional. If desired, it could be repaired by scraping and finishing—this would reveal its original color (without the patina) and could help determine if it is from a nyuj qus or nyuj nyeg. This can be done upon request and purchase of the horn.


Provenance: Xam Tai district, Sam Neau province, Laos


Does not include display stand—can be purchased separately. Any additional jump rings, strings connecting the cap to horn, etc. can be forged upon purchase and request. 


As with all antiques I sell, the pictures you see will be the actual item you receive; there is only one available.

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