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Kooj Ntseg Xub

Kooj Ntseg Xub

What makes this pair interesting and unique is the small ring attached to the tri-spiral on the end of the xib xub (arrow) of the earring. This ring was likely added by the silversmith to provide a way for the earrings to also be worn as a pendant on the neck. This was often done if an earring was ever lost—the single remaining earring would be worn as a necklace. Mothers also often did this as a way to give one piece of jewelry (a pair of earrings) to two children. This pair is a relatively large for this style of earring—15.41 grams.


Provenance: Zos Roob Nyuj, Luang Prabang Province, Laos

Circa: Mid 1900's


As with all antiques I sell, all pictures show the actual antique you will receive; there is only 1 available.

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