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Full-Size Hmong Knife | 1075

Full-Size Hmong Knife | 1075

The knife you see in the pictures is the actual one you will receive.


Handforged Hmong Knife by me, Neng, in the Moob Leeg style of 1980's through early 2000's—what many consider to be the golden age for HMoob knifemaking; a time that saw the diaspora of lifelong career blacksmiths from Laos to Thailand. Despite the refugee camps, Thailand gave these Hmong master blacksmiths access to new technologies that gave birth to a golden age for HMoob Knives.


This knife is Moob Leeg style, based on the specific profile lines of my dab laug Neej Kawm Hawj. Hand forged from 1075 steel, differentially quenched and tempered, and hand brushed to a matte sheen. 1075 is a high carbon steel, offering a great balance between outstanding toughness and edge retention. Tempered correctly, these traits make 1075 a great steel for all-purpose knives, such as with Hmong knives! Despite its size, this knife is incredibly balanced due to a perfectly even and gradual distal taper—something you often do not find in many modern knives anymore. Knife edge and heel is hardened to approximately 60 HRC, the point slightly softer at about 56 HRC, and the spine and tang left soft/tempered back soft. The blade measures 10.5 inches while the handle measures 6.25 inches.


Lub thi kos, the handle banding, is made from seamless bronze, the handle from true Siamese Rosewood, พะยูง (ntoo maib puaj nyoog), which in nearly impossible to find nowadays, as these trees are now endangered and protected. The sheath is made from quarter-sawn maple, aged to a golden color, and banded together with reed—kav theej dag.

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