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Full-Size HMong Crossbow | Nta Xyoob

Full-Size HMong Crossbow | Nta Xyoob

Unique Item—the crossbow you see in the photos is the actual one you will get.


Pull weight: 120 pounds at 7 inches—extremely heavy pull!

Bow: Old-growth bamboo, of the species "Xyoob Tuam Tswm." After harvest, the bamboo has been smoked for 1 year over ib daim tshuas ntxaij—the traditional process for making nta hneev.

Includes ten (10) 100% bamboo arrows—lub ntxais xib xub, fins also made from bamboo

Includes bamboo quiver with red oak bottom endcap

Includes real ciab mes harvested in 2022 in Laos! For the use of securing arrows into the arrow groove.

Bowstring made from 100% hemp fibers


Because of the size and strength of this crossbow, it requires 4 wedges (included) to firmly seat the bow into the stock. See pictures.


Made from an exceptional piece of burly wood with plenty of medullary rays—simply beautiful! Lub Taub (Stock) measures 27 inches long and 0.75 inches thick. The nta hneev (bow) measures 31.25 inches long, 0.75 inches thickness in the center and distally tapers out to 0.5 inches in thickness—likewise, measuring 2.5 inches wide in the center and tapering out to 1.5 inches wide at the tips.


This is a very heavy bow at 120 pounds at 7 inches! With the included light bamboo arrows, it can effectively kill squirrels. I have personally harvested two squirrels with this exact crossbow! However, as with any weapon, if you do not place an ethical shot, squirrels will still be able to run—prey animals are surprisingly hardy, as any hunter will tell you. This is doubly true for bows, as opposed to guns. With a heavier arrow, made from aluminum, or tipped with a steel broadhead, this bow has the potential to be much even more lethal.

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