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Full-Size 32-inch Hmong Crossbow | Padauk and Red Oak

Full-Size 32-inch Hmong Crossbow | Padauk and Red Oak

Unique Item—the crossbow you see in the photos is the actual one you will get.


Pull weight: 70 pounds at 8 inches

Bow and trigger: Red Oak

Stock: African Padauk

Includes ten hand-made bamboo arrows

Hemp bowstring


A full-size traditional Hmong crossbow made from a beautifully rich red piece of African Padauk. The bow crafted from a piece of extremely straight grained red oak and seated extremely tightly into the stock—tightly enough to warrant no wedges needed! All surfaces finished with three layers of linseed oil, with three days of drying between each layer. Lub Taub (stock) measures 27 inches long and 0.55 inches thick. The nta hneev (bow) measures 32 inches long, 0.50 inches thickness in the center and distally tapers out to 0.35 inches in thickness—likewise, measuring 2 inches wide in the center and tapering out to 1.25 inches wide at the tips.


At 70 pounds, this is a crossbow that can still be relatively easy to cock/load while held against the stomach—nta ntawm plab. Some will find cocking it on the hip more comfortable, or with the help of the legs if you find 70 pounds to be heavy. With the included bamboo arrows, it can kill game up to the size of a squirrel if you place an ethical shot. With heavier arrows, tipped with broadheads, this bow has the potential to be much more lethal.

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