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Qeej 6 Dos Txhais  |   HMong Kheng

Qeej 6 Dos Txhais | HMong Kheng


Qeej prices normally fall between $500 and $2,000 depending on size, maker, and region, as crafting a qeej is extremely labor intesive and takes years of experience to do well. Take $100 off this price (the cost of shipping) if you pick up this qeej in person in Wiconsin–email me to set up a time–this is recommended, so that you can try it out.


Generally speaking, Hmong from Xieng Khouang province and westward will consider this a ~6 dos qeej, because they meausure from the windchamber to the end of the longest pipe, the ntiv npug. On the contrary, Hmong from Houa Phan province and eastward (in both Laos and Vietnam) will consider this a ~8 dos qeej, because they measure the entirety of the qeej's length.


This qeej is brand new, made in 2020 by artisan Xov Yeej Thoj (Sao Yeng), who is originally from Zos Pham Aub, Nong Het, Xiengkhouang, and currently living in Zos Xeem Nyej Noom Pev, Xiengkhouang. Sao Yeng has been making qeej since 1993—for 28 years.


Issues with this qeej that may need addressing are as such:

  • Cov qhov ntiv leaks a bit of air–more than my personal tolerance–though this should go away a little as you play and the taub wood expands from moisture from your breath (rab qeej no noj pa me me)
  • The ntiv luav especially is not as loud as I would like (nplaim nrov yau zog lawm—tsis nrov heev heev)
  • The ntiv npug and ntiv puj do not align well (ntiv tsis sib puab zoo, ntiv vau lawm)
  • This has a plastic mouthpiece, some people, including me, prefer a brass mouthpiece for aesthetic purposes, those who prefer plastic do so because it feel less harsh on the teeth (muaj ncauj qeej yas xwb, tsis yog tooj)


Rab qeej no yog qeej Xov Yeej Thoj, qeej ntev 6 dos txhais, ua xyoo 2020 tshiab tshiab xwb, tsis tau ncag ib lub ntees li. Tus tswv ua qeej no, Xov Yeej Thoj, los tod Zos Pham Aub, Noom Hej los nyob tamsim no rau lub zos Xeem Nyej Noom Pev, hauv Xeev Khuam, teb chaws Nplog lawm. Nws ua qeej muaj tau 28 lub xyoo no lawm—txij xyoo 1993 los txog hnub no li. Lub taub qeej no yog siv ntoo kab tawm swm los txuas, los xws li tej co HMoob paub, mas yog hu ua "ntoo tsw quav," vim hais tias thaum yus muab nws hlawv, mas nws tsw tsw quav heev li. Yog koj xav sim rab qeej no, email kuv es wb mam teem ib lub sib hawm—yog koj tuaj yuav ntawm kuv mus, kuv mam luv tus nqi $100, uas yog luv tus nqi xa pasxabnis. 


    Take $100 off the total price if you pick up in person (recommended). This qeej will be shipped priority 2–3 days, insured, and with signature confirmation required. All 8 reeds on their respective pipes will be individually wrapped in paper for protection. Furthermore, each pipe is individually wrapped in bubblewrap, as well as the windchamber. In the unlikely case that the qeej arrives cracked, I will require you return it before issuing a refund—return shipping will be provided by me.


    Measures 60 inches (153 cm), 5 feet, in total length—the entire length of the ntiv npug. Measures 32 inches (81cm) tall—the combined length of lub taub, tus kos, and ncauj qeej.


    No return accepted on this item. Thank you for your understanding.

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