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register for the first (ever)

tua hneev hmoob tournament

in the USA!

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Prizes for 1st and 2nd place competitors!

  • First place wins a full-size Hmong crossbow, made from fancy tiger maple and red oak wood—draws 105 pounds at 8 inches.

  • Second place wins a small Hmong crossbow, made from bamboo and purple heart—draws 28 pounds at 5.25 inches. 

  • Competition takes place on May 22nd, 2022, from 1pm to 4pm (it may end earlier) at the Hmong Cultural Center of Minnesota's Qeej Festival located at the Landmark Center: 75 5th St W Saint Paul, MN 55102. More information on the event  here.



First Place Prize

  • Full-size Hmong Crossbow

  • Minnesota red oak wood bow, tiger maple stock, red oak trigger

  • 105 pound draw weight at 8 inches draw length

  • 32 inch bow, 27 inch stock

  • 10 bamboo arrows included

Second Place Prize

  • Small Hmong crossbow

  • Xyoob tuam tswm bamboo bow and trigger on purpleheart stock

  • 28 pound draw weight at 5.25 inches draw length

  • 19.75 inch bow, 15.75 inch stock

  • 10 bamboo arrows included


Traditional, full-size, handmade hmong crossbows will be provided, but feel free to bring your own

  1. If you bring your own crossbow, it must have a bow length of at least 30 inches and a draw weight of 90 pounds or more.

  2. Shots will be placed from approximately 10 yards, dependent on availability of space.

  3. Number of shots per round will depend on the number of participants who sign up.

  4. The target will be ib daim phiaj (bullseye) with the rings closer to the center bullseye being worth more points—most points wins.

  5. Maximum of 64 competitors, with single-elimination tournament, meaning there will be at most, six (6) rounds.

  6. Register online or in-person by noon, 12pm, May 22, 2022. Competition starts at 1pm.

There is a registration fee of $5.00 to prevent no shows. Think of this as the time you would traditionally need to craft your own hneev :) You also could win a $250 (1st place) or $175 (2nd place) hneev in return!

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