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Traditional Hairpin Set with Wooden Box

Traditional Hairpin Set with Wooden Box

Traditional set of two handforged steel hairpins—handforged by me, Neng, out of low carbon steel. Handforged steel to the perfect thickness to allow a lightweight yet sturdy shape. Both are forge-blued and finished with 5 coats of thinned high gloss polyurethane.  This set will come with a wooden jewelry box which fits both hairpins. Every hairpin is handforged by me, so each will be a little bit different from one another. In this set, I will try my best to make one a bit bigger than the other—allowing for them to be worn in different syles. Larger hairpins will be better for holding an entire ponytail while smaller hairpins are better for styles only holding a portion of your hair, with the rest of your hair worn down.


Traditional hairpins are absolutely beautiful, but do not actually work as well as a simple rubberband hair tie unfortunately. They therefore, are best worn in combination with another "modern" hairpiece if you plan to wear them all day.

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