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Phom 6 Dos Txhais (7+ dos total) | 48 Caliber

Phom 6 Dos Txhais (7+ dos total) | 48 Caliber

Very rare antique Hmong firearm of 6 dos txhais—measuring only the barrel. What makes this antique rare is that it is 48 caliber. Hmong gunsmiths rarely made guns in this large of a caliber, but rather opted to make very long barrels in lieu of large calibers. Circa 1900, with all original (11) thi, which is very rare! 2 thi looks to be of silver; the other 9 of brass alloy. This is legal for big game all across the USA.


The phaj leej hauv has engravings on the side of the phaj, which is fairly uncommon—see pictures. These patterns were used by Hmong gunsmiths and shows the pride and attention to detail that this smith had in his work. Barrel is in flawless condition. Antique is in overall amazing condition considering its age. This flintlock still works very well and has been testfired—pivot pin for frizzen (phiaj kab) has been replaced by Neng, in order to provide ideal contact with frizzen spring. Heavy, thick walled barrel which tapers off into a light muzzle, balancing the phom very well. Recommended maximum load of 120 grains of blackpowder. 


Length of barrel: 43.25 inches (~6.5 dos)

Length overall: 49.25 inches (~8 dos)

Caliber: 48

Weight: 6 lbs


As with all antiques we sell, pictures show the actual item you will receive—there is only one available.


Flintlocks are considered "Antique Firearms," and not "Guns," by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and under the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968, and thus are federally unregulated. Therefore, you do not need any paperwork nor background checks for purchase. However, this does NOT apply in the jurisdictions of New Jersey, Illinois, Washington D.C. and New York City, where flintlocks are, per local law, considered "Guns" and thus must be registered. Therefore, we cannot ship to you if you live in New Jersey, Illinois, Washington D.C. or NYC—any orders to a home address in these jurisdictions will automatically be cancelled and refunded. As a disclaimer, please check your local ordinances and statutes to ensure compliance with all laws. We do not sell outside of the United States—all international orders will be automatically cancelled and refunded.

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