Kwv Txhiaj Private Lessons

An introduction to one of four different styles of kwv txhiaj/lug txaj

  • 1 hour
  • 30 US dollars
  • Google Meet

Service Description

These lessons will be taught with help from kuv yawg, Vam Pov Thoj, nyob rau Madison, WI.—peb yog tsev Hmoob Thoj, Tswv Nploog Thoj, uas yog peb tus yawg uas tsiv tom teb chaws Tuam Tsoj los rau teb chaws Los Tsuas. The styles we will cover are Xeev, Noom Hej, Moos Uab, Sam Neua, Moos Pheeb, & Lus Taum...but we will focus on one style (of your choosing) to teach the content, allowing you to be able to center your learning back to one base. We will cover the following topics over a number of course sessions decided by you—at least 5 lessons is suggested to develop a sound grasp on kwv txhiaj/lug txaj. 1.) Introduction to kwv txhiaj/lug txaj/nkauj—what is the formatting of kwv txhiaj? The HMong philosophy of pairs in relation to the "nqe" and "txwm" found in kwv txhiaj, stanzas, reduplication, rhyme schemes, etc. 2.) A Full length kwv txhiaj song with different rhyming schemes will be provided for each lesson, giving us a point of reference and focus. Each song will be provided in its written and sung versions. 3.) Tonal and musical interval patterns, changes, and rules. 4.) How do you transpose kwv txhiaj between different styles? How are kwv txhiaj masters able to improvise this so well? 5.) How does kwv txhiaj translate and relate into other forms of Hmong Music? Throughout all of this, we will also cover extensively WHY HMong people practice kwv txhiaj/lug txaj and how it fits into the bigger picture of our language and musical theories.

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