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Small Hmong Crossbow | Purpleheart

Small Hmong Crossbow | Purpleheart

Unique Item—the crossbow you see in the photos is the actual one you will get


Pull weight: 28 pounds at 5.25 inches

Bow: 3-years air-dried bamboo species "Xyoob Tuam Tswm" and smoked—traditional process for Hmong crossbows

Stock: Purpleheart

Includes 12 bamboo arrows

Includes bamboo quiver with red oak bottom endcap

Bowstring made from 100% hemp fibers


Made from a beautiful piece of purpleheart, this hneev measures in at 15.75 inch taub (stock), 3/8 inches thick, with 19.75 inch nta hneev (bow), handmade by me—Neng! Every part of this crossbow is handcarved over the course of about 6 hours build time with 7 days to finish: I use 3 coats of boiled linseed oil, with 2 days of drying time between each layer. Purpleheart is an exceptionally hard wood, highly sought after for it naturally purple color. As the wood oxidizes with exposure to air and sunlight, it will turn a darker purple into a rich brown over the course of years. The nta on this hneev has been fitted exceptionally tightly and thus does not require wedges to seat within the taub. The bow will come with the bowstring on the nta hneev, but you will have to string the bow each time you use it, and unstring it after each use—this is in order to prevent bow set. 


With a 28 pound draw weight at 5.25 inches and ~65 grain arrows, this bow can effectively kill small birds and rodents—think house sparrows, mice, etc.—provided an ethical and accurate shot is taken. But because of its smaller size, and the resulting shorter sight-radius, this crossbow is not as accurate an a fullsize please be careful. Always wear safety goggles!


Do not buy this for a HMong funeral bow—those can be bought for about $20; they are made of cheap softwoods, are non-proportional, and are non-functional. Please contact me if you need a funeral bow and I can make you one for cheap.

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